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Investment in Time

Investment in Time

A full 30% of our time is spent studying the hopes, dreams, fears and concerns of patients across the globe and nation which drives the team to be much smarter, well-informed, plan for strategy and get creative at all points of time.

Bringing out the Best

Bringing out the Best

Alaknanda Health Care highlights only the best by specializing in branding and targeted service line campaigns for hospitals, health systems and other healthcare providers in a niche and targeted manner.

Expert In-House Team

Expert In-House Team

Alaknanda Health Care is a self-reliant organization when it comes to executing creative requirements. Be it television, advertisement, online promotion, or signboards, Alaknanda Health Care is here to take care of all your needs.

What we do at Alaknanda Health Care

Alaknanda Health Care is a holistic healthcare marketing agency that unites health care with proper marketing plans through the following strategies

‣ Content Curation by crafting stories that brings audience closer to your brands and its offerings.

‣ Lead Generation by implementing sales strategies that enables you to get more qualified leads into the funnel channel.

‣ Brand Identity by creating a digital persona and brand identity that brings in the much-needed awareness

What are our core offerings?

Enabling you to have a complete marketing business cycle is what we aim at Alaknanda Health Care. This is done through

‣ Healthcare Digital Marketing : We understand that healthcare digital marketing is different and unique. We empower you with the right strategic marketing plans that let you achieve a new prime mark.

‣ Healthcare Sales Marketing : We formulate integrated solutions that let you get more conversion from the sales funnel.

‣ Multi-Channel Marketing : We re-examine your marketing channels and enable you to communicate effectively across various channels.


How we empower you to attain more?

We let you attain every bit of your dream through,

‣ Exclusive Health Care Team Alaknanda Health Care consists of exclusive team of health care professionals who have in-depth medical and health knowledge on positioning and marketing health care products and solutions in the market.

‣ Integrated Approach Alaknanda Health Care is one of kind integrated brand management agency with specialization in creating advertising campaigns that can be carried across various mediums like print, television, radio, digital and outdoor media with same intensity.

‣ Extensive Analysis Perfect positioning of the brand is arrived only after assessing and analysing the brand and its product in detail which includes competition analysis, site visits, sales team interaction, reviewing sales pitch, management vision, consumer voice and much more.

‣ Right Planning With expert media planning and digital solutions in place you can save a lot in terms of promotion, budget and get the right focus for your brand and project in a precise and comprehensive manner.

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